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Residential Care

Residential rehab is a resource-intense high level of care. Generally, this is for adolescents with severe levels of addiction whose mental health, medical needs, and addictive behaviors require a 24-hour structured environment to make recovery possible. In addition, these adolescents may have complex psychiatric or medical problems. Moreover, they may have family issues that interfere with their ability to avoid substance use.

One well-known long-term residential treatment model is the therapeutic community. The therapeutic community uses a combination of techniques to “re-socialize” the adolescent and enlist all the members of the community, including residents and staff, as active participants in treatment. In fact, treatment focuses on building personal and social responsibility and developing new coping skills. Such programs offer a range of family services and may require family participation. [1]

This treatment style is often used for people with addiction. As it allows the patients to live outside the hospital setting and still get help from professionals.

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Above all, it is a good alternative for those who are in search of effective addiction treatment. Here at We Level Up NJ, our professional and caring staff are driven to guide you or your loved one through this vital journey. In a safe, therapeutic, and comfortable environment during your time in any of our residential rehab centers. We ensure that you experience a safe and serene healing environment with the highest level of confidentiality and the utmost respect for each individual.

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Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is also a level of service that has 24-hour supervision but does not have the same level of medical monitoring and staffing associated with inpatient treatment. Individuals who do not have significant medical problems but who need constant supervision are good candidates for residential treatment. The length of time that a person stays on a residential unit can vary considerably, with some stays lasting as little as a few days or a week, and others lasting many months. Residential programs are staffed 24-hours a day and provide groups and counseling. A physician may see patients on an intermittent basis after admission (e.g., once per week if no medical issues), and in some cases, non-complicated medical problems and withdrawals can be managed on a residential unit. [2]

How Residential Rehab Helps

The main benefit of admitting to a residential drug rehab program is that you can keep away from the people, places, and things used to keep you using and drinking while we work with you on the problems as they arise. And while here, you will surround yourself with people who support your sobriety every step of the way.

Next, you need to explore your treatment options. There are many places to turn to for help, but a drug and alcohol rehab center is your best option. Especially one with alumni that have been achieving years of sobriety. These centers have doctors, psychologists, social workers, and counselors offering addiction treatment services. While it’s possible to opt for outpatient addiction treatment, residential drug rehab is a better option as you have people to turn to for support and guidance whenever you feel cravings come on.

These centers will teach you how to cope with stress and other problems that led you to your addiction in the first place. Of course, it would be best if you overcame these triggers to overcome an addiction. When in drug rehab, our treatment experts will also teach you other ways to relieve stress like meditation, exercise, relaxation, and how to challenge and overcome self-defeating thoughts.

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Why Choose We Level Up NJ?

Every individual presents a different story of addiction and recovery that’s unique to them. So, from the first interaction with the individual or family member, we work with you hand in hand to provide you with the perfect level of care to meet your specific needs as you heal and rebuild your life.

  • We are a fully licensed and accredited facility
  • We accept most insurance providers
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  • We offer comprehensively effective addiction treatment programs
  • We feature many evidence-based, dual diagnosis therapies

At We Level Up NJ treatment center, we offer diverse integrated rehabilitation treatment programs. Clients are being provided with critical therapy to enjoy exceptional and comprehensive treatment recovery. The combinations of treatments applied for each client are customized because of their personalized needs. They deliver cutting-edge full-service treatment programs, including residential inpatient, medical detox to alcohol, drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health therapy.

Holistic Approach of We Level Up NJ

Residential Rehab
We Level Up NJ holistic treatment.

Aside from medical treatments and therapies, there is now a growing trend to use a holistic approach to this problem. Holistic institutions with both a residential and a holistic outpatient treatment center combine conventional medicine with alternative therapies to help individuals conquer their addiction.

As our team of caring therapists combined approaches and therapies. Along the journey, your personal strengths and resources will be enhanced. We ultimately direct all our efforts towards the healing of the total person; this is the best way to help individuals struggling with addiction.

Our treatment experts apply combinations of treatments for each client. Customized to their personalized needs. They deliver cutting-edge full-service treatment programs, including residential inpatient, medical detox to alcohol, drug addiction, and co-occurring mental health therapy.

Secondary co-occurring behavioral health treatment includes Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive, Psychosis, Self Harm and other cases.

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Residential Rehab at We Level Up Treatment NJ

Those individuals suffering from alcoholism or addiction benefit best from immediate intervention from families, 12-step programs, and treatment professionals. At We Level Up NJ, our residential care program slowly and effectively introduces the individual into an atmosphere of therapeutic growth, marked by Master’s level therapists, clinicians, group counselors, psychiatrists, and a community of like-minded individuals with the same aim: to attain sobriety and live a great life.

Treatment We Level Up NJ tailors the program to the individual and the individual to recover. We begin by assessing our client’s history of mental health, drug, and alcohol-related past. Once detox is complete, a new doorway in treatment opens up, referred to as a residential level of care. We applied sincerely therapeutic methods of recovery in this essential setting. Among some are group therapy, individual therapy, alumni care, art therapy, and much more. The needs of each patient are specific. So, we aim to provide comprehensive support for mental health, addiction, and dual diagnosis treatment. Our inpatient treatment program will help treat challenges such as:

Patients in our residential therapy programs will live comfortably within the facility during this crucial and fragile time. Our residential care is a supportive environment to give patients 24-hour care. This will be for your sobriety, removing temptations for relapse and applying an air of recovery into every component of the treatment timeline. At We Level Up, we find that when patients live in a supportive community, especially during their early recovery process, they’re able to focus on what matters most: their recovery indeed.

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Some of the many modalities applied and practiced within our residential treatment facility may include:
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 12-Step Groups
  • Group Therapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Alumni Support
  • Stabilization
  • Holistic Therapy
NJ Addiction Treatment Programs
NJ Addiction Treatment Programs and services are subject to change. Please call for the latest updates.

Residential rehab is a vital part of an individual’s recovery because we personalized treatment to ensure that you are prepared for the next phase of treatment.

While at We Level Up NJ Treatment, we will teach you how to cope with stress and other problems that led you to your addiction or alcoholism in the first place. most importantly, we will uncover the past and look at areas of your life that you have yet to look at. And, we will do this together. When in We Level Up NJ Treatment, you will also be taught other ways to relieve stress and achieve daily sobriety like meditation, inventory work, and service to others to practice your spirituality. In this very practice, we see our lives recreate themselves. In addition, we will practice exercises on how to conquer your past, self-doubt, and how to challenge and overcome self-limiting beliefs.

Feel free to reach out to us today if you want to learn more about our program and our drug and alcohol rehab approach.

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We Level Up Treatment Centers for Drug Alcohol Rehab Detox Behavioral Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Therapy
We Level Up Treatment Centers for Drug Alcohol Rehab Detox Behavioral Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Therapy
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[1] Treatment Settings – National Institute on Drug Abuse
[2] Treatment Settings – The Johns Hopkins University