5 Great Local Alcohol Rehab Centers in South Florida

5 Reasons to Travel Out-Of-State for Alcohol Rehab Including its Criteria & Components

Critical Components of a Great Alcohol Rehab

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) |1|, in 2015, 20.8 million Americans had a substance use disorder. These disorders differ in intensity and may respond to different intensities of intervention. Diverse health care systems such as alcohol rehab have multiple roles to play in addressing our America’s alcohol and drug abuse problems, including:

  • Screening for alcohol and drug misuse and addiction
  • Giving prevention interventions to stop or prevent substance misuse and related health results
  • Immediate intervention to limit the escalation of misuse to addiction
  • Engaging clients with substance use disorders in treatment
  • Treating alcohol and drug disorders of all levels of severity
  • Coordinating care across both social services systems and health care systems, including employment support, criminal justice, and child welfare
  • Connecting clients to recovery support services (RSS)
  • Follow-up and long-term monitoring

There is a wide variety of alcohol rehab across the United States, with different levels of integration across health care settings and wide-ranging workforces that include diverse structural and financing models and different levels of technology.

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Criteria of a Great Alcohol Rehab Center

The state of Florida is home to a number of alcohol rehab centers that focus on the recovery and healing all aspects of a person, not just their addiction, but also includes co-occurring mental health conditions.

Most alcohol rehab centers provide a continuum of care, with a variety of addiction treatment programs to help individuals enter substance misuse and addiction recovery.

The following alcohol rehab centers in South Florida were selected based on a number of important substance abuse and addiction treatment criteria, including:

We Level Up Alcohol Rehab Center
Florida is well known as the rehab capital of America


  • Consistently responsive and approachable, so clients never feel neglected.


  • They are building the client’s confidence with accreditations, licensing, and awards.


  • A history of satisfied clients and outstanding service.


  • Leaders of their craft, based on years of solid experience and education.


  • Providing service with reliability, honesty, and respect.

Treatment Modalities

  • Efficient treatment methods include evidence-based, alternative, and holistic healing methods across various alcohol, drugs, and dual-diagnosis rehab programs.

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5 Reasons to Travel Out-Of-State for Alcohol Rehab

There are effective and quality drug and alcohol rehab centers all across the country, and possibly some even in your hometown. Nevertheless, for many, deciding to go to out-of-state drug and alcohol rehab is the best-case scenario to start a new level of recovery. We all know that everyone’s needs are different when it comes to alcohol rehab treatment, but we also know that there are a few advantages of choosing an out-of-state rehab. 

Remove Your Loved One Yourself From the Usual Routine

Individuals may need a drastic change of environment to help break harmful habits. Being in close distance to the same place, people, and activities that were a part of your day-to-day life during substance misuse or addiction may increase cravings and temptations and not allow you or your loved one to create the breakthrough a person needs during alcohol rehab. It is important and healthy to create new experiences and get out of your comfort zone through a holistic set of activities and therapies focused on healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Dedication to Completing the Alcohol Rehab Program

By moving from your comfort zone and flying out of state to seek drug or alcohol rehab, you are making it more difficult to leave treatment, which is, of course, a good idea. Yes, admitting into an alcohol rehab program is usually voluntary, so you can leave at any time. If an individual wants to leave, they can walk out at any time. When family or friends are close by, the idea of walking out doesn’t seem so difficult.

For some, one of the main reasons to go to alcohol rehab is to get some time away from any negative influences that are contributing to substance abuse. Adding the additional challenge of a long travel or plane ticket may cause the person to think twice and reconsider completing the alcohol rehab treatment. And, of course, completing the program is recommended. As a matter of fact, it greatly increases the chances of long-term alcohol sobriety.

Remove Distractions

When choosing if out-of-state rehab is the right choice for alcohol rehab, you have to understand that a person struggling with alcohol or drugs has to remove themselves from the distractions of home. Then, they can focus on taking control of their own life and more easily reduce the drama & distractions going on at home. Concentrate on understanding the problems and getting better; focus on sobriety. Additionally, there’s no better environment to focus on yourself than in a comfortable alcohol rehab center.

Alcohol rehab at We Lvel Up
Alcohol rehab in Florida program is safe, effective, and has helped many people reclaim their lives.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Seeking alcohol rehab is a seriously personal choice. Clients often feel more open to talking about their difficulties and problems to medical staff and even peers if they know there is no connection to home. As a result, you can have peace of mind that while in recovery, you will not bump into anybody in the park or at the grocery store. 

Get a New Start

One of the best reasons to go to alcohol rehab is to get a fresh start in life. When you find an out-of-state rehab center, you can get that new beginning you are looking for. We Level Up is full of success stories and truly compassionate staff committed to your sobriety. 

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5 Reasons Why Florida is the Best Place to Attend Alcohol Rehab

Fun In The Sun

Who doesn’t like a little sun on their face? It’s true that alcohol rehab are hard work, but that doesn’t mean you have to be inside your room all day! Instead, the alcohol rehab program focuses on helping the clients make positive decisions in a real-life environment. That’s why it is advised to get off campus throughout the recovery process, from playing ball games to walk, exercise, and meditating. Try doing that up north in the cold of winter!


There’s just something about being near the beach and in the sun that makes individuals feel relaxed. Maybe it’s because a beautiful climate and palm trees are fixed in our brains as places we only go while on vacation. Living among the waves and palms makes alcohol rehab feel a bit like living on a continuous vacation, even if it needs hard work to beat an alcohol abuse problem.

Community Matters

Some individuals like to go to rehab away from home environment to separate their difficulty and problem from the solution. Unfortunately, this can cut the person off from one of the most critical aspects of recovery- the support network. Alcohol rehab is where you can find people who have the same experience gearing towards a common goal, a community that supports recovery. And we all know that support can make a meaningful difference in the person’s chances of relapse.

Access to Opportunities

Beyond the calming effects of palm trees and the warm, tropical breezes, treatment in Florida is situated in a place with incredible access. Not only to the beach but also to a growing economy. Once you graduate from an alcohol rehab program, you are in the right place to restart your life.

Florida has a lot of career opportunities in different industries. From hospitality to tourism management to education and healthcare, there are a lot of growing industries located in South Florida – Industries that are hiring for new people!

It works

Alcohol rehab programs are popular because they work. The incredible access and opportunity to work with the top clinicians and therapists in the field means that clients get access to treatment programs that work. With so many options for treatment and such a vast community, South Florida pulls the top talent in the area of behavioral health.

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5 Great Local Alcohol Rehab Centers in South Florida

Pathway to Hope

 Founded in 2012, Pathway to Hope was created by a group of addiction specialists and professionals who want to make a change in the recovery industry from the inside out. A large part of their mission is to let people know that those in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction are not victims but survivors.

From its early beginnings, this facility has remained one of Fort Lauderdale’s best treatment facilities, operating on the ideals of client care and cultivating lasting sobriety, visit the Fort Lauderdale health and rehab center.

The Luminous Care

The Luminous Care offers an alcohol and drug detox program and a wide variety of cutting-edge behavioral and pharmacological practices run by specialists and experts who understand the complexities and the value of your efforts to get back to life as a whole. 

Boca Recovery Center

The facility at Pompano Beach, Florida, is a free-standing Medical Detoxification and Residential Treatment Program serving people who are in need of medical stabilization in the initial stages of recovery from alcohol or drug use. Entering an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program is a common first step for those looking to safely and comfortably begin their recovery journey.

Transformations Treatment Center

This alcohol rehab center is known for its excellent diagnostics, assessments, treatment planning, and medical care. They help clients with substance abuse and mental health disorders, but more importantly, they teach them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so clients can get their lives back and relationships on track.

We Level Up Lakeworth

We Level Up Treatment Lake Worth is a multi-faceted drug & alcohol rehab center in Florida that uses a repertoire of methods to generate practical solutions to major drug/alcohol challenges targeted towards families and individuals. We work to improve the health of the public and of individuals from a variety of angles. This includes constant research and innovation on substance abuse treatment models as paired with individuals and a conducive environment |2|.

We Level Up Alcohol Rehab Center
With 60 beds, We Level Up Lake Worth Drug & Alcohol Rehab Facility is located in Palm Beach County, Florida

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|1| NCBI – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK424848/

|2| We Level Up LakeworthDrug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center