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We aim to deliver world-class hospitality as part of our culture of offering superior client care. Offering unparalleled full-service addiction treatment client experience with world-class amenities and service at an affordable cost. Our fully licensed rehab and detox center go beyond the lesser minimum standards other centers provide. We truly pride ourselves on the fact that we attract some of the top specialists in their field who are supported by a top-notch onsite nursing team, 24/7.

Superior treatment services include:

  • Caring & Compassionate Substance Abuse Therapists
  • Innovative Cutting-edge Science-Based Addiction Treatment Modalities
  • Licensed /  Certified & Trained High Quality Team of Addiction Specialists
  • Exclusive & Private grounds with Low Staff-to-Client Ratio
  • Multiple Mindfulness & Wellness Therapies  
  • Up to date, Safe, Comfortable & Stylish Accommodations
  • World-Class Food & Nutrition Hospitality

Colonial Lake in Lawrence Township

Set in an idyllic location within a comfortable driving distance to more than half of the nation’s population surrounding NJ. Clients are invited to join our recovery center at our serene treatment facility in New Jersey.

We Level Up New Jersey offers comprehensive Inpatient and telemedicine treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health illness. Our addiction treatment programs include Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program and encompass all levels of care. Our recovery treatment therapy arms clients with critical coping skills and strategies needed to live a sober, fulfilling life free of the pain of drug and alcohol abuse.

When searching for dual-diagnosis rehab treatment centers, you’ll find that medical professionals recommend a variety of treatments. We Level Up NJ addiction treatment center will look at the circumstances of your substance abuse to determine what should be treated first.

Patients that are diagnosed with mental health conditions like depression or bipolar disorder are two times as likely to develop an addiction to narcotics and/or alcohol. The U.S. National Library of Medicine has reported that some patients may begin using narcotics and or alcohol because the substance gives them marked temporary relief from the symptoms of their mental health disorder(s). At the same time, many young people develop a mental health disorder simply from using narcotics and or alcohol.

When a patient is suffering from both a mental health problem and substance abuse, both the mental health and substance abuse disorder must be treated at the same time for lasting results. At We Level Up we make sure to prioritize substance abuse treatment and the underlying mental health problems that typically accompany abusing narcotics and or alcohol.

Even if a patient did not have latent mental health issues and did not develop a serious mental health problem from using, depression and anxiety are still extremely common in early treatment. We make sure to address these mental health issues as well because the chemical imbalances created as a result of using drugs can be debilitating in and of themselves. We understand treating the substance abuse disorder is paramount and at the same time, when our patients are feeling calm and reasonably emotionally healthy (as a result of having any underlying conditions treated), then they can make the most progress in their recovery and Level Up!

The impact of addiction is devastating to the Family members of a loved one. They experience stress, fear, and pain when their loved ones are so addicted they’re unable to stop drinking alcohol or abusing drugs. For families, supporting an addict’s impulsive rash and uncontrollable habits can become impossible. It requires patience, tough love, and faith. And someone who can help shape a health perspective on how to stop enabling and how to pull the levers necessary to create a pathway to real recovery. Did you know, we offer free family support for all treated clients? Call us, we can help.

NJ Addiction Treatment Center

Did you know that the vast majority of people who had participated in a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program and completed it relapsed within the first year? That’s why it is crucial to continue aftercare outpatient addiction treatment. The continuation of intensive, high-quality programs after leaving residential treatment, can help assure the likelihood of sobriety and continued recovery. All clients are eligible and receive after-care support and planning without further billing for this important service. We Level Up Florida is committed to client success & invests in your recovery even after clients leave.

NJ Addiction Treatment