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Located at an idyllic oasis for recovery, within Lawrenceville New Jersey. The We Level Up New Jersey rehab detox center is a national destination for addiction rehab in New Jersey. A short comfortable driving distance from the tri-state area including the entire northeast from NY, NJ, CT, PA & MA. Substance abuse rehabilitation treatment is provided in a newly gut renovated, modern & comfortable NJ rehab center perfect for rejuvenation. Amenities abound with reflection spaces for addiction recovery with mind, body, and spirit therapy programs.

We Level Up New Jersey Rehab Center for Recovery Succcess

Join We Level Up NJ and uncover new opportunities for recovery in an advanced New Jersey rehab center for alcohol & drug addiction treatment. Addiction rehabilitation therapy is provided in a pristine all-new cutting-edge New Jersey rehab recovery center. Our dedicated team of addiction professionals understands what it takes to recover from substance use disorder (SUD) and their secondary-related mental health problems. They know first hand the process of addiction recovery. And can aid each of our patients on the pathway to lasting recovery.

We are able to treat severe to complex SUD. Our behavioral specialists are well qualified to instruct patients on how to diminish the threat of relapse. The clinical team delivers blended thorough addiction treatment to clients suffering from dual-diagnosis secondary co-occurring conditions. This is accomplished by concentrating on multiple evidence-based treatment modalities. When you choose to join our addiction treatment programs, you will become part of our family.

At the We Level UP New Jersey rehabilitation center, we treat our clients the way we would want our family to be cared for. Connect with us for an in-person scheduled New Jersey rehab facility tour.

NJ Rehab with Open Sky Views
Take your first steps to recovery at our NJ Detox Center
Walk into your future in recovery at We Level Up NJ
Comfortable 1 on 1 Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
24/7 Care for Recovering Addicts
Comfortable and luxurious rooms to rehabilitate from drugs in peace
Renovated personal bathrooms at our New Jersey Treatment Center
Comfortable and luxurious rooms to rehabilitate from drugs in peace
Dining room for our addiction recovery clients
State of the art kitchen for gourmet meals at We Level Up NJ Detox
Yoga therapy is available as part of your addiction treatment
Sanitized and up to date exercise room for recovering clients.

Premier New Jersey Rehab Center for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

NJ Recovery Programs

Professional recovery programs by well-trained dual-diagnosis teams using science-based best practices. Treating alcohol & drug addiction from 24 hours supervised detox programs to intensive addiction rehabilitation therapy in a comfortable and modern renovated facility.

Family Support

We Leve Up NJ rehab specailists can assist families in improving communications with clients, solving problems, and finding common ground on achieving long-term recovery together. While family counseling may not drive problems away, it can offer new or improved skills to battle crises along the way to recovery.

NJ Intensive Inpatient Rehab

Providing the highest and most intensive level of care available to assure more favorable addiction recovery outcomes. Our inpatient therapy offers in-depth all-day treatment programs 7 days a week. With a myriad of therapy options customized for each client based on their unique circumstances.

Alumni Outpatient Planning

Upon departing our New Jersey treatment center clients are provided with a thorough and detailed aftercare plan. Drug rehab aftercare plans can include referrals to local therapists, as well as a recommendation on how often visits should be, encouragement to participate in 12-Step or similar meetings, and reaching out to friends and family as a means of continued support.

New Jersey Rehab Addiction Treatment Programs

NJ rehab addiction treatment center programs
Premier NJ addiction treatment center programs. We are a national treatment center destination. We’re a short comfortable driving distance from the tri-state area & beyond; including the entire northeast from NY, NJ, CT, PA & MA.

Visit our main site for more information on all our facilities at We Level Up.

Complete inpatient rehab treatment programs including:

  1. New Jersey inpatient detox program
  2. New Jersey inpatient alcohol program
  3. New Jersey inpatient drug abuse program
  4. New Jersey inpatient dual-diagnosis addiction treatment program

Providing integrated intensive comprehensive addiction programs under one roof. Including co-occuring dual-diagnosis programs for secondary mental health cases. We treat the entirety of patient addiction disorders including any corresponding disorders underlying the addiction to alcohol & drugs like depression & anxiety.