Your Recovery is our Success

We measure our success when you recover under our care.

Our evidence-based treatment is geared to help you achieve real recovery results. Our high treatment standards allows us to attract talented addiction and mental health professionals. Our team of behavioral and medical specialists are constantly enhancing our programs to deliver to your expectations. We’re committed to your treatment experience and ultimate recovery success.

Science-based Treatment

We know that effective treatment addresses the entire range of issues that are underlying alcohol and drug abuse. We continuously look to apply cutting-edge advances in addiction science plus mental health treatment. We understand the importance of dual-diagnosis treatment. Your treatment includes not only medical detox but addiction-based therapy beyond chemical dependency extending to the underlying emotional issues triggering your addiction. Our team constantly monitors new and improving therapy and treatment levers of improving addiction care along with new groundbreaking research in the field of addiction.


Many of our team members have been where you are and can work with you to stay on track even, long after treatment here. Our care continues once you leave with alumni support you can rely on to make smart choices for aftercare.

Deeply Committed & Attentive

You deserve personalized attention from experienced specialists who really care. Our reputation and success rates attract leading therapists – from medical doctors and counselors to art and yoga therapists.

Highly Skilled Therapists

Feeling doubt or helpless are a part of addiction. Even where you’ve struggled for years, and relapsed time and again, we can offer you hope here. Our highly trained therapists are skilled at brining you out of your former shell and infusing real hope and change. All you have to do is show up. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you live fulling and happy lives.

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Robin Hawkins

Lana Fox